Engineering & Consulting

Engineering & Consulting

We at RheinTurbo offer comprehensive engineering and consulting services for turbo compressors and other rotating machinery such as gas turbines and steam turbines and their auxiliary systems.

  • We work extensively with modern design tools for generation of 3D CAD models and 2D drawings and layouts.
  • We offer alternate selection of material of construction and localization for critical core components of Turbo machines.
  • Aerodynamic validation of critical fluid flow path components including 1D & 2D simulations.
  • Static and dynamic finite element analysis (FEA) for critical stator and rotor components.
  • Design and validation of transmission gears & pinion sets as per International Standards used in Integrally Geared Centrifugal compressors
  • Reverse engineering of Impellers for centrifugal compressors, blades for axial compressors and turbines.
  • Design and Analysis of rotor coupling elements for power transmission.
  • Design and selection of sliding bearings for high load applications (axial, radial and combined axial-radial)
  • Design of sealing elements for e.g. contact non-contact labyrinth seals, aero dynamic and Aero static seals
  • Rotor stability analysis: Rotor dynamics analysis for lateral and torsional vibration prediction.

Plant engineering and auxiliary systems for Turbo Equipment

  • Systems Engineering for Piping and plant Layout
  • Selection and sizing of lubrication and control oil system
  • Mechanical and Thermal design of heat exchangers and process gas coolers (air cooler & Water cooled)
  • Equipment base frame & foundation design and load calculations
  • Design and sizing of compressor suction filtration system
  • Design and Sizing of Compressor Noise protection systems and elements.
  • Design of Steam Turbine Condenser system

Compressor automation and control systems

  • Flow control system: Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) control system including Control Box and Actuator.
  • Compressor Anti-Surge Control System
  • Motor Control Center
  • Vibration and Temperature Monitoring System
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